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Sophie has seizures - the vet believes that at least part of the cause is the damage she suffered at 8 weeks or so from being kicked in the head by her first owner. The vet had us keep a diary, so that we could see what triggered the seizures. We found that anything that stressed her body was likely to bring one on. Some of the triggers included eating an entire bag of cat food (which is now no longer in a "childproof" cupboard - it is now downstairs in a locked box), having teens fight about taking her out when she really has to go, extreme weather, etc.

Seizures don't hurt and they can be managed just make sure that your dog in in a safe place - the floor works. We found out that Sophie can tell when one is coming, and she crawls into my lap to have them. We do not restrain her - I hold her flat with her legs pointing out so that she cannot hurt herself. After the seizure, the dog is usually confused and may want to run and hide. They may vomit or lose control of bowels or bladder. Our vet recommends gentle restraint, and some liquid sugar dripped slowly in her mouth helps her come out of it more quickly. And be prepared to wash yourself and your clothes. We wait she is 'with us' and gently cleanse her in a warm - not hot - shower.

Sophie is not on medication, and the seizures decrease in frequency as we manage to control or eliminate triggers.
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