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The first year or so after we got Tinker he would flinch anytime my wife or I raised our hand (to scratch my head or rub my eye, etc) and then he would shake a bit. Belle also hated anyone wearing a hoodie (back in 2000 not too many yoots were wearing them) and she would howl and get all bunged up. She grew out of that too. She also barks, howls, cries, and generaly has a cow over my 1/16th scale remote control King Tiger tank! Oh she must have a deep distrust of R/C owners or something... Alas, she stands her ground though, and bays like a banshee, but when it slowly moves forward, she gives ground, mostly keeping about one foot or two from it. I go up and pet the tank and she'll get closer, but then I send a signal to make the turret spin a few inches and she goes right back to howling at it!
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