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Just a couple days ago, I got a pool table in my basement game room. Yesterday was the first time I was able to play but when I picked up the pool cue (stick), Oreo freaked out. He jumped off the couch and ran away from me. He refused to come when I called and ran outside to his kennel. He only came back when I put the cue down and called him in. But as soon I picked it back up, he tucked tail and cowered on the couch before running back outside again (more like slinked back outside).

He's usually a bit scared of new things but will adjust quickly once he's had a sniff. But with the cue, he just would not come back! I'm livid right now; not at him but at the thought that someone might have beaten him in the past to create such a strong fear response. I suppose he'll have to adjust slowly to me holding a cue.

If anyone can offer tips on getting him past this reaction, I'd be grateful. In any event, I just needed to vent. Thanks.
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