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Vinny is deathly afraid of a bamboo stick that I pulled out of a tree I planted. As it was laying on the ground next to my foot, Vinny would come up and sniff it then take off running, turn around and bark at it. I decided to have some fun by making the stick move with my foot when he approached. This got him all wound up, running all over the yard with a crazed mad-man stare and bark. He kept coming back and each slight movement brought the same reaction from him.

After a bit, we brought some water outside for him. When I called him over, he tucked tail and slinked over to me. I picked him and loved on him. When I put him down he took off like nothing happened.

However, to this day he hates the stick, won't go near it. I keep it to fend off the occasional snake that wonders in the yard.

Who knows why our buddies react the way they do.
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