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We once met a guy coming back from hockey practice while we were at the park. I tell you, I've never seen Chloe howl like that at a person before. After the initial shock (mine), laughing and realising what the whole thing is about, I advised the guy to put the stick next to him, and sit on the bench.
Chloe, after 2-3 more minutes of howling, decided to downgraded to a quiet growl, and I think it was one millimeter at a time, approached the guy. It took about 10 minutes for her to actually let him touch her, but it worked.
During the enire thing, I praised her a lot and was standing by the guy, so that she would realise that he is safe to be around.

Maybe you can try and rub some canned dog food or peanut butter on the cue and try to lure him to sniff and lick it. Don't hold it in your hand, though. Leave it on the floor with you in the room to supervise. Ignore the cue and Oreo and let time do its thing.... worth a try.
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