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Sammy the Greenwing Macaw

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Dad, shhh I am watching the 3 stogies across the street with the truck in the creek.


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Sammy is such a pretty girl. I love the red and teal combo in her feathers. I saw a white one at the vet's office today when I took Jersey into get her Bordetella vacine. They said that he only said a few words and didn't really talk a lot. I thought of Sammy and how you say she's never quiet.
Hmmm...maybe. His body shape didn't look like other Cockatoo's I've seen. I'm not a bird person though, so it's possible. I wasn't there when they started talking about him.
Sammy, Sammy - pretty as ever

Yes, Jen - It does sound like a Cockatoo and if he had a yello crown, it probably was one. And they do tend to keep going once they start talking, my neighbor has one, driving her dogs crazy!
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Robin, I checked out that link you sent me. Yes, I think the bird was a cockatoo. I guess I'm just used to seeing them with their crown up so he looked different to me. Either way, Sammy is prettier and smarter.
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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