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here is my Maggie-at about the same age-hoping the picture isnt too big though!

she does tear from time to time-her parents teared up a lot more-but once in a while she gets eye boogers. (heheh)

I think she has a bit of a lazy eye looking in these pics and when she was very young as well-so I wouldnt worry too much-their eyes have not caught up with the rest of them yet! They are growing SO much right now-those first 6 wks, it is AMAZING. When I think about when she was born and her ears werent open and her eyes didnt open for the first 2 weeks or so-and now to see her-well, you can see why she is my baby and I am in love too.

ANy other ?'s I might be able to help-I had my older beags since they were 6 wks-then they had the one pup-and we found a new home for the momma-she was too much of a runner. Now I got Dad-Harley-fixed and got him and the 6 month old baby Maggie. Havent fixed her yet-but I love them both. Mine are "snoopy" beagles-black and white. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
Judi in Iowa !

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