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Sally & Leia (... and Andrew & Erin!)

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G'day from Australia,

My fiance and I have recently been adopted by two beagle pups, one named Sally and one named Leia - both girls.

We originally only wanted one, but after seeing those little puppy faces and how close the litter was we couldnt bear to split them up - so we bought a matching pair.

Theyre beagles, pure bred (mums an english beagle / narrow face, dads a yankee beagle / broad face) and we pick them up in 2 weeks... I cant wait, even though it means a whole lot of chewed remote controls, xbox controllers, shoes, the cat, anything else thats hanging <insert dog height here> or less off the ground.

So, so cute!

A few quick questions while I'm posting...

1. Their eyes seem to water a fair bit, all 7 of the puppies in the litter had moisture in the corner of the eyes. Is this normal for the breed / puppies in general?

2. Their right eye (on both dogs) seems to be a bit lazy at some times, but not another... Is this something to look out for?

Thanks, and hi again /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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Welcome to the pack and congrats on the new family members.

As for the puppy issues, I don't know. Other members will be along for sure to help.
Welcome to Beagle World. Like Murphy's Dad, am not a puppy expert but my rescue beagle always has wet tear mark from the corner of his eyes. It is almost like war paint when he being digging in the dirt. I'm sure the puppy experts will chime in soon
Welcome to beagle world :wave: Those pictures are just precious. Whay beautiful puppies!! A big aroooo from Hunter, Casey and me. Both Hunter and Casy had tear marks when they were little. They have cleared up. If you are concerned that it may be more mention it to your vet. Good luck.
WOW!! What gorgeous puppies -- what great pictures -- ups the "aww" factor to the highest level.

We welcome you and just can't wait to see and hear more of these two baby girls :heart:

Monica and Daisy /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

P.S. Daisy, at seven and a half, does tear regularly. Wet warm washcloth very gently helps.
I think some dogs tear more readily than others.

But I'd check with vet, just in case. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
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Welcome!! I just keep coming back to look at your beagle pups. I can certainly understand how you ended up saying "yes" to both of them but, boy, are you in for some adventures! I never realized that beagles from England were different looking until I saw some of our members' dogs. Don't know about the "lazy" eye but I do know that my Maggie's eyes tear up quite a bit. I usually have to wipe them every few days -- all I have to say is "wipe" and she sits and waits until I come back to her with some tissue. Occasionally have to use a wet wipe but usually a piece of toilet tissue works fine. Only thing to look out for is a change in the "gunk", either in color or amount. I keep an eye ointment from the vet in the house and use it if stuff gets nasty looking.
Welcome Andrew, Erin and pups!! :wave: What beautiful babies--I can certainly understand how you couldn't choose between them!!
I see you're doing your homework as far as what to be prepared for getting chewed up. I would add one thing: eyeglasses!! My Shiloh loved to chew on the frames! (She also had a passion for my daughter's Victoria's Secret bras, but we won't go there! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/shocked.gif )
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Welcome to BW. What beautiful pups!!! Some dogs have tear-duct trouble, our Snoopy a 5 year old rescue, has continual tear stains. The vet says he is too old to operate on the ducts. We have reared 12 pups (beagle mixes) and had no trouble with runny eyes or more important the lazy eye business. Why not get your vet to check them over? Have you mentioned your concern to the breeder? I am sure you will love them even if their eyes do run.
I see you live in Brisbane, not in Tewantin by any chance? We have good friends there.
Angela and the pack
OMG! They are so cute. I want one now. Good luck with those girls!
Welcome to BW, and what absolutely adorable pups!! (i am certain you haven't heard that yet.)

Love the name Leia too!

Typical concerned Mommy questions you raise, not being an expert, they sound like normal issues to me. If either seem to get to be too excessive, you may want to ask your vet to check them out. When you bring them home I am sure you'll be scheduling a visit anyway once they're old enough to start puppy shots.

Good luck!
here is my Maggie-at about the same age-hoping the picture isnt too big though!

she does tear from time to time-her parents teared up a lot more-but once in a while she gets eye boogers. (heheh)

I think she has a bit of a lazy eye looking in these pics and when she was very young as well-so I wouldnt worry too much-their eyes have not caught up with the rest of them yet! They are growing SO much right now-those first 6 wks, it is AMAZING. When I think about when she was born and her ears werent open and her eyes didnt open for the first 2 weeks or so-and now to see her-well, you can see why she is my baby and I am in love too.

ANy other ?'s I might be able to help-I had my older beags since they were 6 wks-then they had the one pup-and we found a new home for the momma-she was too much of a runner. Now I got Dad-Harley-fixed and got him and the 6 month old baby Maggie. Havent fixed her yet-but I love them both. Mine are "snoopy" beagles-black and white. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
Judi in Iowa !

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Thank you for everyone's kind words, the wait is killing us!! We don't even have them yet. Hopefully this time in 7 days we'll be on our way back with our new little babies. :woohoo:

We can't help ourselves! We are going to visit them again this weekend to have a little play. They'll be 7 weeks old on Monday and we've read up and been advised that they shouldn't be taken away from their mother/siblings until they are 8 weeks old.

Sally's name has been changed to Bagel as Andrew has wanted to call a beagle bagel. I'm not too fussed on this idea, guess he'll look like the idiot calling out to Bagel in public.

We are going shopping this weekend to grab all our puppy needs, any members got some good advice on the best toys to buy? From our experience last Sunday, we sure will be buying some toys that they can go nuts on chewing.

I'm sure we'll update you with more pics on Sunday night after we go have some play time with them.

(... the fiance "Erin")
Quote:Originally posted by AndrewJ:
Sally's name has been changed to Bagel as Andrew has wanted to call a beagle bagel. I'm not too fussed on this idea, guess he'll look like the idiot calling out to Bagel in public.
Don't worry, there are a couple other idiots around here /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif Bagel is a popular name for beags /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

(Just kidding Bob!)
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Welcome to BW :wave: The pups are so cute!!!

I have 2 beagle pups(9mnths old) who are also litter mates. We adopted them when they were 8 weeks old, but fell in love with them at 4 weeks. One is a lemon and her sister is a tri-color.
Jasmine the tri-color has the eyes that tear and also the lazy eye. :freak: I noticed that when she is tired her eye really becomes lazy. But she's still cute!!!

Can't wait to see more pictures and hear about their antics!!! :hyper:
pfr, did you find that your two girls bonded very well seeming they were from the same litter?

Andrew and I are away 8 hours a day at work and we thought that by getting two, they will hopefully entertain each other through the day while we are out. We were also hoping that by getting two girls, they will create a great bond and be inseperable all their happy little lives.

We went out today and bought heaps of teething toys for them (hoping they will find these more enticing than the cords/clothes/shoes on the floor. We can hope!

We also got our yard "beagle" safe today, closing off a little paved and grassed area for them that they can't escape from.

The breeders aren't available this weekend for us to visit our girls, so we'll just have to wait until next Friday to see them. However, they did send us an update photo. I think it's a good thing we didn't go see them, we'd want to bring them home then and there!

Only 5 days to go now! I can't wait!! *screams like a kid in a candy store*

.... I won't be saying this next week will I? :S

(... the finacee "Erin")
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Welcome to you both!

I understand how you're feeling right now. When I was "expecting" my Henry last year, the wait seemed almost painful.

In answer to your question...

Henry's eyes seem to be tear streaked constantly. All of the time. Since there is no nasal discharge and no thick green or yellow gunk, I'm told not to worry, it's a beagle thing.

Funny how you comment on the "lazy eye".

Many years ago, I found a little beagle puppy sitting on the side of a busy highway. I remember thinking that one of her eyes seemed lazy, too. (I found her a home but can't believe I gave her up...I already had three dogs and couldn't imagine a fourth at the time. Wow...now that I'm thinking about her, I think I'll give myself a swift kick for giving her up).

Anyway, fast-forward to my Henry, who came to me as an adult and I even notice in him that one of his eyes just doesn't quite match the other at times. It's very subtle but it is the same thing as with the puppy that I found.

Maybe it's a beagle thing. Ask the breeder.

Thanks for the puppy pictures. Since all of my dogs over the years were adult rescues, I must get my puppy fix vicariously through others.
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Welcome to the site (although I think you joined before us!).

As for tearing, our oldest Booker has runny eyes all of the time and pretty much always has tear marks to wipe away (but they don't seem to stain). The other two just have the odd eye-booger in the morning - and otherwise no tearing at all. I think it just depends on the dog...
I see a lot of reference to "rescue" dogs... A quick google showed they are strays/abandoned dogs that are...err...rescued /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

Is that right? We looked long and hard to find any beagles, and no pet shelter anywhere in SE QLD ever had any. I take it there are a lot more beagles in the US / UK. The breeder had people from ~12 hours away coming to look...

Since I've got a week off, anyone know if its possible to train puppies to use a dog door, and do their business outside in the garden, and not dig up the lawn in 7 days? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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The answer to the dog door problem is food, food and more food. :biglaugh: You stand, or sit, on one side of the door. At first hold the flap up with a piece of food on the other side. Then you tell them what a sweet, smart and special beagle they are. Next step only hold the flap up part way, etc. and lastly no holding the flap, just be on the other side with the treat and bunches of praise. At least that is the method I use. I have seen it take as little as 2 hours or as much as 2 days. Of course I have other dogs that can show the way and that seems to reassure the new one that all is well. :lol2: Good luck.
I'm a little late, but welcome to Beagle World! :wave: The puppies are gorgeous. :heart: We'll be looking forward to puppy stories and pictures.
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