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Sad, sad news.

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We had to put my dear Peanut down 2 weeks ago. She was going deaf and blind, due to some parasite she had, it was very rare and we did everything we could. I miss her dearly. I have, however, been working with a friends Miniature Australian Shepherd, who is the same age as Peanut was, and my friend is moving out of the states for a study abroad program and has given Shadie to me. She thought she could leave the pup behind with her mom, but her mom isn't too keen on the idea. She says she'll just get her forever dog when she returns home (I told her to get a Beag). Anyway, Shadie is slowly meanding my heart, and because she kind of fell in my lap I will be Beagless for a while, I do hope however, that I can still post on the boards with all of you and update you all on how my little non-beagle is doing! I love still reading about all of your Beagles, as it reminds me of my crazy, sweet little Peanut!
Thanks everyone!

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I am so sorry to hear about Peanut. How very, very sad. Shadie will never replace Peanut, but I'm sure she'll help mend your heart. You'll always be welcome here, whether you have a Beag or an Honorary Beag. I can't wait to see pictures of Shadie.
An Honorary Beag--thanks Jen! Shadie does like to dig, and sometimes chases things on the sniff, however, she does have a great recall and can be off leash (just a little Beagle-joke fun)
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I'm so sorry to learn about Peanut. My thoughts are with you. Maybe Peanut sent Shadie to you?! You never know!

I can't wait to she Shadie.

Monica and Daisy:)
I am sorry to hear such sad news. Hang in there, we are thinking of you.
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Very sorry to hear about Peanut, what a terrible thing to happen.You are in our thoughts.Once time has healed your loss a bit, then please could you find out the name of the awfull parasite so other members can be forewarned. Thank you.
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