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There's a pretty good chance Barney (12 1/2) may have Cushing's disease. He shows no symptoms other than drinking/peeing a lot (which he has pretty much always done), but one liver enzyme was WAY elevated after a blood test the other day.

He goes for an 8-hour blood test tomorrow morning for a more specific diagnosis, which may be followed soon by an ultrasound and a barium test (to determine the cause of an 8 pound weight loss since spring, and some recent empty-stomach vomiting). He also has a heart murmur that has unfortunately progressed over the past couple of years.

We know the Cushing's can be managed, but are not looking forward to the HUGE expenses coming our way for diagnosis and treatment. I was told today that all the testing and loading dose of medication could run up to $1,000. :eek: He's definitely worth it, but that's a big old chunk of change for people surviving on one part-time job and one on unemployment.
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