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Running Away

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So yesterday it was nice and hot out, so I took Monty for a nice long walk. We came home, and my neightbor was playing fetch outside with her chocolate lab, so we decided to play for awhile with them. I took Monty of his leash so he could run around with the lab, and that little bugger took off down the block! He would run a bit, stop and wait to make sure i was coming, then run a bit more, wait for me to almost catch him etc etc. My neighbor said her dog would NEVER do that, that she knows better. How come Monty doesn't?! I know he's just playing, but after 10 minutes I was DONE playing, and he wouldn't listen to me /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

Justin says that Monty doesn't see me as a leader, because I'm always the one playing, and not disiplining him. How do I make Monty respect me without hating me?!
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Wyatt does this as well. He'll run just far enough, then stop and make sure you're coming. It's his game. He's never actually run away, but it got really frustrating for us. We did a couple things to help cure him of it. Note: We ALWAYS walk the boys on leash, but Wyatt has escaped a few times...

First, Nathan carried treats in his pocket on our walks, and would call Wyatt back to him and give him a treat. He changed his focus from the "trail" he was on, to whichever one of us was carrying his leash. Soon, he learned to come back to us (most of the time) when we call him. The couple times he has gotten out since then, all we have to do is squat down and call him, and he comes running. It's actually kind of fun to see.

Second, and I think this is kind of mean, but it worked. Instead of chasing him, Nathan suggested we simply turn around and walk away. It took Wyatt a little while to notice that we weren't following, but once he did, he came running after us as fast as he could. We made sure to keep him in sight, with one of us discreetly turning to make sure he was coming, just in case he didn't. But that seemed to work as well.

Now that we have Doc around, Wyatt hasn't even tried to escape, and when Doc has gotten out of our arms , Wyatt actually brought him back to us. Hopefully, that's been the best cure.
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