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Running Away

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So yesterday it was nice and hot out, so I took Monty for a nice long walk. We came home, and my neightbor was playing fetch outside with her chocolate lab, so we decided to play for awhile with them. I took Monty of his leash so he could run around with the lab, and that little bugger took off down the block! He would run a bit, stop and wait to make sure i was coming, then run a bit more, wait for me to almost catch him etc etc. My neighbor said her dog would NEVER do that, that she knows better. How come Monty doesn't?! I know he's just playing, but after 10 minutes I was DONE playing, and he wouldn't listen to me /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

Justin says that Monty doesn't see me as a leader, because I'm always the one playing, and not disiplining him. How do I make Monty respect me without hating me?!
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I think one thing that frustrates me more then anything is when someone doesn't understand that all dog breeds are not alike.

I mean heck, humans aren't all the same so why in the heck would it be different with our beagles.

Regardless for this type of situation I agree with everyone else. Rhett never comes off a leash when in the front yard. He gets the leash on walking from the house to the car till I'm in it then gets the leash back on before I exit the car. The only place he has open reign is the house (baby gates block all rooms he doesn't need to go in) and the back yard which I have set up like Fort Knox. I had to do some fixes though under the deck though because with Scarlett coming home in a few days I had to make the yard puppy proof!!!!!
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