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Running Away

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So yesterday it was nice and hot out, so I took Monty for a nice long walk. We came home, and my neightbor was playing fetch outside with her chocolate lab, so we decided to play for awhile with them. I took Monty of his leash so he could run around with the lab, and that little bugger took off down the block! He would run a bit, stop and wait to make sure i was coming, then run a bit more, wait for me to almost catch him etc etc. My neighbor said her dog would NEVER do that, that she knows better. How come Monty doesn't?! I know he's just playing, but after 10 minutes I was DONE playing, and he wouldn't listen to me /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

Justin says that Monty doesn't see me as a leader, because I'm always the one playing, and not disiplining him. How do I make Monty respect me without hating me?!
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Quote:Originally posted by Letty _&_Monty:
My neighbor said her dog would NEVER do that, that she knows better. How come Monty doesn't?!
Because he's a Beagle not a Lab I'm afraid.

Unless your Beagle is well trained in the recall (come) command or "wait" command they should NEVER be let off the lead. He didn't stop for you because you were kind of chasing him and he thought it was good fun. If you had turned round and run in the opposite direction he might have come after you. If you had acted all excited with treats and/or toys in your hands as you ran away from him you might have had even better luck at getting him back.

It's not really about leadership or respect in this instance. If a Beagle is off lead and runs away it's not because he doesn't respect you. It's simply because he is doing what beagles do and following his nose.

If you haven't already, teach him the basic commands of "come" "wait" and "stay". A well trained dog is more likely to view you as the leader than an untrained one. And NEVER let him off lead unless it's safe to do so.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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