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Running Away

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So yesterday it was nice and hot out, so I took Monty for a nice long walk. We came home, and my neightbor was playing fetch outside with her chocolate lab, so we decided to play for awhile with them. I took Monty of his leash so he could run around with the lab, and that little bugger took off down the block! He would run a bit, stop and wait to make sure i was coming, then run a bit more, wait for me to almost catch him etc etc. My neighbor said her dog would NEVER do that, that she knows better. How come Monty doesn't?! I know he's just playing, but after 10 minutes I was DONE playing, and he wouldn't listen to me /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

Justin says that Monty doesn't see me as a leader, because I'm always the one playing, and not disiplining him. How do I make Monty respect me without hating me?!
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I know others will chime in with the same thought: Monty is a BEAGLE!! Beagles and "off leash" do not go together, no matter how well your beag is trained. That beagle nose will go with whatever scent it detects and go and go and go! Your neighbor's dog wouldn't do that because it is not a BEAGLE. This has nothing to do with respect or being the leader -- don't beat yourself up -- just keep Monty on a leash or within a well-contained play area.
The Bagel isn't the quickest on recall unless there is an inductment (treat, car ride, or additional people to dispense love) but he will come reluctantly if he can't convince me to go to where he is sniffing. Sounds like Monty was just having fun playing with his Letty /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif Heavy praise, love and maybe even an occasional treat may convince Monty that recall is a good thing. The Beagle brain considers all options and if Monty thinks coming is the best option. he'll recall. If he thinks playing with Letty is more fun, he won't!
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Quote:Originally posted by Letty _&_Monty:
... I tried to tell him that Monty doesn't do it out of spite, but he's not convinced!!
Neither am I and I love and accept the Beagle as a Breed but I'm convinced they can be willful when annoyed and if Monty was annoyed at Justin, I wouldn't put it past him!

I key point is that strictness and discipline might work for a German Shepard but not for a beagle. Retrieves and herd dogs were bred to turn to their masters for direction and guidance, Beagles were breed to be independant thinkers. Beagles function on pack cooperation and while they subject their decisions to benefits analysis, that analysis does extend well past personal motivation to what's best for the pack (A reason Monty kept looking back at you). I guess if you want to get a beagle to do what you want, you've got to think like a beagle and outsmart them. That isn't always easy /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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