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rock salt

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we had a little snow the other night, and the building manager put down alot of salt on the walkway and the steps. it seems that it gets caught in sophies feet and she limps untill i rub her feet and it falls out. it has gotten to the point where she waits for me and lets me do it without horsing around. for her, that in itself is unusual. do i need to buy her little boots? i have always thought that doggie clothes were the reasons they bite people. do any of you have this problem with the salt? solutions? anyone?
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well, avoiding the salt is impossible, i live in an apt bldg, and they salt heavily because they are afraid of getting sued.
i will try some booties and see how that goes. considering i still have to tell her not to chew the leash/harness, (at least she obeys) i doubt she will allow the booties
Originally Posted By: cobismomWe have avoided putting salt down, much to my fear of falling myself, for this very reason. Baby socks would be great, even if you took them off when you passed the salt areas. Booties are cute and they'd probably stay on better and protect their feet better. Yet, for me, getting the sweater/coats on is hard enough, and not putting the salt down would be okay, if I walk in the snow and don't fall.
we live in an apt, so i have no say about the salt. however, she seems to have either gotten used to it or learned to avoid it. no problems the last couple of days.

i totally understand about your fear of falling from ice and snow. i spent last winter in a cast, and i have 10 screws and a stainless steel plate in my ankle. (i crashed my bike) i'm still not too good on my feet, and when sophie tries to pull it can be scary. if i break it again, it's over.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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