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Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all the moral support. I'm doing great!!!!! I was zonked out pretty good for a few days after the surgery (Monday, Nov.10) but by Thursday I was already bouncing around the yard and I even chased a squirrel! I hadn't eaten too much because the pain killers (they should call these things fun killers) clogged me up, if you know what I mean, but my appetite is back...whew!

The swelling has gone down considerably and I'm just starting to put a little weight on my leg as I walk. Master Paul was such a good nurse to me. He even slept on the kitchen floor next to me for two nights so I didn't feel lonely. He's pretty strong too because he picks me up and carries me up and down stairs and when I get too tired from my walk (a girl could get used to this kind of treatment you know).

Saw the Dr. last Friday and all things checked out OK and this Saturday I get the stitches removed. The hair is already growing back where my leg was shaved too.

I'll be off all meds next week and not a day too soon because that stuff tastes like dog food...YUCK!

All in all everything is going as scheduled and by the spring I should be my old spunky self, although playing the diva is kinda fun.

Thanks again...Rio

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Oh Rio, I was thinking about you... very happy tail wagging that you're doing so well after the surgery. I was telling my mommy that she should sleep next to me sometimes, but she won't... I did manage to train her in letting me sleep with her most nights

Tell your daddy that he's awesome for taking such good care of you. Aroooooo.....

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