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Hi everyone! My first time posting. I looked for groups on beagles for perhaps some advice regarding the beagle we adopted from a shelter when he was 8. We were not really warned but immediately we noticed in the beginning would escape and attack and bite people and dogs. When I tried to reach shelter they ignored my calls but I also couldn’t/wouldn’t send him back there after we just gave him a home that would be so wrong so.... we accepted the challenge but 3 years later his anxiety when my son leaves is still intense. He howls and cries even though we are home and attempting to comfort him. He still bites and I’m afraid my son, as much as I want him too doesn’t help him spend as much energy as he should though he walks him twice a day. He seems to lie around looking sad and bored all the time which is heartbreaking but I’m determined to help him. He bit my son a couple times when out on walks and encountering other dogs recently. Bit my husband and growled at him. I intervened once when he escaped and attacked a neighbours dog and was able to control him and even have him sit, yet he panics when my son is not around so apparently I’m not the alpha or owner. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks peeps! He is a part of our family no matter how troubled I am hopeful he can be trained. I know he can, I trained him to get along with our cats. I could use some tips; we tried setting up training with shelter in beginning but never heard back so gave up.
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I'm so sorry you are dealing with the aggression but thank you for keeping him and working on the issues. He sounds like he might need some work with a trainer and possibly some medication. My Oliver has bitten me before and it was jealousy or food related. I try very hard to not let him see I am scared and I try to stop his bad behavior the second it starts.
Thank you Mollys Mom.
Welcome. Please stay on the forum for good advice here. Sorry youre having biting issues. Dont agitate him with hyper play activities and safety first with your child. Walking is good but it doesnt train calmness. Definitely find a good trainer. See if your local sheriff k9 has an obedience class . I was fortunate to find such a group of trainers. If not find an experienced trainer. Also focus your dog's energy on you doing some training too. Get a clicker to help your dog focus. You can buy one in a petstore or on line. Watch YouTube videos on how to use one and use it diligently. Its a great and cheap training tool. Post a picture of your dog..
I would suggest you have a trainer come in-house who can observe him in situ, and work with the whole family.

Could the biting on walks when he sees another dog be redirected aggression? Our puppy redirects if Xerxes reacts to another dog and will turn on Xerxes.

I think you have a few things to deal with - the anxiety, and the aggression.
I appreciate all the answers. I will start researching trainers in my area. He is 11 now so while he is much better from when we first got him he still has the aggressive behaviours. Thanks folks. He is a good dog but I know these behaviours were there when we got him but he is our family now so it’s our responsibility to help him learn.
Right after I posted this morning I had an issue with Oliver (he's 10 now). He was cornered a critter under the AC unit and was barking like crazy at 7 am. I was trying to stop him but cannot touch him because he'll bite when agitated. I went and got some dog food and finally lured him safely into the house.
I always keep turkey deli meat in my fridge to use to get Cassie's attention when needed. She can be across the yard barking and if I call her name and wave a slice of the turkey she'll come running as fast as she can. Lol
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