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This Christmas, as we were packing the car to get ready for an eight-hour road trip to see family, Willie decided to eat the candy canes that were tied to packages decoratively...cellophane wrappers and all. He probably ate about ten of them before he was discovered.
Flash forward eight hours to him meeting my brother and sister-in-law for the first time, as they were hosting us. Willie jumped all around, playing excitedly with their dog Cooper, who he was also meeting for the first time...then turned around and yakked about three huge piles of pink candy cane and cellophane goo all over the room.
Thankfully, he seemed to get everything out of his system and wasn't sick anymore after that, though we did monitor him closely. And, thankfully, my brother and SIL are dog people and didn't think anything of such an occurrence.
More embarrassing over the course of the week we stayed with them was the daily humpfest between him and Cooper.

Our first road trip with Willie had a mortifying occurrence...we had driven more than 1,000 miles to visit my SO's mom for Thanksgiving halfway across the country...all went well until we left him crated in the guest room for a couple of hours on the day after thanksgiving, so we could go shopping at an art fair down the street. When we came home, we found him...freely roaming the house, and having ripped up some books (all of them mine, thankfully, not SO's mom or stepdad's). We couldn't imagine how he got out of his crate. When we got to our guest room, it was a disaster. He'd rammed his collapsible crate hard enough that he'd popped the clips holding the ends to the sides, and climbed out. Then, he couldn't push open either door to the room, like he can in our bedroom at home, because they pull open instead of push. So he clawed ALL the paint/finish off both doors from knob to floor...there were paint chips and wood bits EVERYwhere. He must have finally worked the doors frantically enough that he managed to pull one open by hooking a paw underneath, because he did get out into the rest of the house. I was MORTIFIED. They live in a vintage craftsman home, very nicely restored, and here our dog had clawed big grooves into two of their doors and necessitated sanding down and repainting. SO's mom and stepdad were VERY nice about it, but we were absolutely mortified. We'd only had him for about a month and a half at the time, and he's never done anything like that before or since.
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