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I know that we all love our beagles, but let's face it...we know that they have embarrassed us all at one point or another and have even gotten us into trouble. Below are my top two. I would love to hear any of your stories.

1. I was walking my girls at a park in downtown Birmingham, Alabama. This rather attractive guy started talking to me and asking about my dogs. Well, I started raving on what good dogs they are and how beagles are a great breed. He bent over to pet one of my girls, Bergen. About that time, she passed gas VERY loudly. Awkward silence and a nervous laugh from me followed. I don't think that he appreciated Bergen's stomach issues.

2. My beagles and I got invited to a family birthday party this summer. My family is very dog friendly and usually everyone brings their pets. The line up includes Labs, a Cocker Spaniel, a Great Pyrenees/St. Bernard mix, two Pomeranians and my two beagles. Well of course with it being a birthday, there was a birthday cake. This wasn't just any birthday cake. This was a coveted Granny Lee one-of-a-kind birthday cake. Well, everyone was outside by the pool having a grand old time. We all decided to start gathering inside for the main attraction...cutting of the cake and blowing out candles. We all ventured in to discover my beagle Lizzy sitting at a chair at the table finishing up licking ALL of the cream cheese icing off the cake. Needless to say, I gathered up my brood and got the heck out of dodge quickly. I was mortified! Lizzy is known for getting into mischief, (please see my post of her destroying a Gerber Daisy in minutes.) but she has NEVER gotten anywhere near the table to steel food. All I can figure is that she wanted a taste of what everyone had been raving about for years.
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