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Great thread :)

1. We had Gino for only a month or two and we brought him to the dog park for the first time (with us anyway don't know what his experieces were before). We had all 3 of them with us so we were busy keeping an eye on each of them. I was a good distance away and saw Gino approaching an older lady sitting on a chair, I kept my eye on him and began slowly walking over just to make sure all was ok. She was talking to him and pet his head then continued her conversation with another person sitting next to her. Gino sniffed her leg, and began the dreaded leg lift! I ran over yelling "GINO NO!" and got to him just in time before he marked this poor unsuspecting woman as his own! LOL
She was surprisingly unaware until I came running at her and I was so embarassed!

2. Just this Christmas Eve, we had a few of my relatives over for dinner. The night went so well and I was so proud of our boys for being perfect "hosts". Earlier my mother decided it was a good idea to give them all an entire bag of Beggin Strips (b/c its Christmas, was what she said). Well, I got over that and didn't think much of it until, when everyone was getting their coats, I heard my uncle complaining about something. I ran over and seems one of the boys had a messy accident (no doubt from the excessive treats as this is not the norm) poor uncle stepped in it! Right in the foyer! Even though we are close, I was so embarrassed!
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