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I really don't have any embarrassed or troubling things with Charlie,
other than............. Screaming like someone is murdering him, on some of our walks *mind you as Beagle owners we know that this is not the case, He's just tracking is all,
but * passerbyers don't*
I really hate explaining, not to worry it's just a Beag he's on a scent. I really think some people don't believe me & I get the most judgmental looks arghhhh

However; Our other canine Rolo, well lets see, He has humpdeedupped a visitor, *or tried too*
Marked in other peoples homes, stores, name it he's done it cocking his leg is his favorite pastime.
wearing his doggy diaper in peoples homes now is even more embarrassing.

Thinking he knows or at least has a grasp on what Charlie is doing when we are on some of our walks, he hears charlie screaming, then Rolo goes nuts with his agressive barking trying to nip the side of Charlie, you know what this looks like, trying to controll a dog on a scent..... and.... a dog....who thinks he knows what he's doing? *trying to explain this one to passerbyers in no use!
lol lets just say good thing I have no health problems at this time *arghhhh*
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