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1. One time I took Booker with me to the grocery store. I was just inside for a few minutes picking up a few things and, as usually, Booker was howling the whole time - indignant that she wasn't allowed to come in with me. When I came out there were two policemen standing there with Booker... they gave me a lecture about leaving my dog outside where she was disrupting everyone.

2. We were invited to a dinner party with friends and during the course of the evening Moosie (1) ate the entire cheese tray while we were in the kitchen getting drinks and (2) at an entire stick of butter from off the counter while we were clearing the table after dinner. That was quite a few years ago and we haven't been invited back since.

3. We had new neighbours moving onto our floor... While we were saying hello and welcoming them to the building, Moosie ran into their apartment and promptly cocked his leg on the corner of their sofa.
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