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Molly is so pretty! You have already gotten great advice here, and I think you are doing the right things. As a number of people have already said, time and patience are what you need - but the fact that she is already comfortable around you (when you are not standing up) is a great sign that you can work through this...

Our latest rescue was also really scared of us at first whenever we were standing (right after he had been cuddling in our laps) and would run away in terror if we came towards him with a leash, but after a while he just seemed to figure out we were the same people standing up as we were sitting and just got over that fear (he still has some others...). I do remember for the first few days we had him, when I would be out on a walk with him, and he would at some point look back at me and recoil in horror, even though I was the same person he had just left the house with!!
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