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I give luigi rawhides all the time...but someone was telling me that rawhides are actually bad for dogs. is this true?
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To me, the point of a rawhide is so i do *not* have to watch him. To be frank, I'm tired of watching him every moment he's awake. The rawhide provides blissful quiet with the benefit of not having to lock him in the bathroom or put him on the balcony. I've tried nylabones, but yesterday he shredded the thing into a thousand plastic peices...

Now, this may make me sound uncaring. I'm not. I *love* Luigi, but that shouldn't mean I have to spend every waking moment with him....No toy keeps him as busy as a rawhide. He'll play with a toy for maybe two minutes before coming to seek us out. The rawhide is the only thing that keeps him busy for any extended period of time.
I do use stuffed kongs. Luigi loves peanut butter loaded kongs. I give him one of those a day. usually holds him about 10 minutes. Great for easing him into the bathroom when i go to work...

And what do you mean basted? the ones he loves are chicken flavored ones that look like they're soaked in chicken stock, are those basted?
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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