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I give luigi rawhides all the time...but someone was telling me that rawhides are actually bad for dogs. is this true?
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I don't give rawhides, either. Li'l Girl was chewing on one once, and swallowed it whole when she thought Traveler might take it. Like to have scared me to death!
Thankfully, she suffered no ill effects, but that was the end of the rawhides.
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I don't, either. I guess you can give Luigi rawhides if you are there with him to watch him.
I don't like the way they melt and the possibility of them choking on it.
Jersey has one huge rawhide. It's about 10-12 inches long. She's only allowed to chew on it when I'm with her to watch her. Once it softens and she can break peices of it off, I take it away. She only gets to chew on it every month or so. She knows where I keep it though and sometimes I'll find her sitting in front of the closet crying. Otherwise, she has her Nylabones (the durable ones) and her squeekies.
Not even a stuffed kong with goodies? That's Chloe's favorite, and frankly, most other chewable treats (rawhides, nylabones) she buries first and takes out later (maybe days later).... so I don't give them to her. Nylabones yes, but not rawhides.

I understand your will not to watch him every second of every day... but he's still a puppy, and this stuff is dangerous for him.
1 - 4 of 17 Posts
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