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Raw bones

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I read a post about rawhide alternatives and saw that lots of people had suggested raw bones. I went to the grocery store and asked where to get those. The deli guy suggested frozen soup bones. They're pretty big beef bones. Wondering if anyone has ever given those to their beagey and if they're safe.
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Also... if you guys have given those to your dogs can they actually eat them? These things look huge!
i have given mine raw bones they did well with them.
Is it just for chewing or as a meal?

I give for chewing the Nylabone bones. When you get the soup bones just give it raw. but watch out that it doesn't get on the dogs jaw like this


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There are lots of great raw bones you can give your dogs, with lots of benefits to their health - being carnivores, dogs are designed to eat raw meat and bones and they actually digest it more easily than processed food like kibble.

My dogs eat raw bones every day, some of the ones they get include:

- chicken wings, necks and frames (or drumsticks if they are lucky!)
- cow necks
- turkey necks (if you can get them)
- lamb flaps
- and for a special treat, lamb shanks

I have even fed them osso bucco, which are veal shanks. I can get them very cheaply at my local supermarket when they are due to expire in the day or two - I give them to the dogs that night or the next morning and they love them!

Brisket bones which are like soup bones are ok, but I rarely feed them because I like my dogs to get a nice portion of bone and meat to eat. They give the dog a bit of marrow and a lot to chew, but aren't so much a meal as the other types of bones you can give them.
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I feed the raw soup bones and marrow bones to our dogs about 4-5 times per year. They love them and do well with them. If I give them ones that are too large though they can get the runs a little from them.

You can actually take the packaged soup bones over to the butcher and ask them to cut them smaller for you or see if they have some bones in the back that they can cut to the size you want. Our butcher (supermarket) asks how big you want them and cuts them perfectly for us. Don't be afraid to ask. They have the saws to do it with ease unlike us common folks.

When the dogs have chewed them down small I pick them up and throw them away for fear that they will swallow a piece too large to handle if you know what I mean.
Wow, that picture of the dog with the bone stuck on it's jaw is scary!!! I gave one to Squeegee and he ate the soft tissue on the outside and in the middle and can't seem to do anything with the marrow or the bone. It's been sitting out for a day now... wonder if I should trow it away. Are they ok after they sit out for a while?
I give snoopy raw buffalo knuckle bones as a treat.
she LOVES them.. she gets very protective of them so i have to be very strict. she is NOT allowed to growl if i try to take it away or come near her, if she does, i take it away.
to take it away from her, i leave her leash attached and pull up on it while giving her the leave it command. this, i find, is better than just sticking my hand in and grabbing it away from her.
I also found that if i let her chew and eat the WHOLE knuckle bone at once, her stools get loose. I think because she wasn't used to it at first and it was a little rich for her... but now i just let her chew about 1/2 of it at a time and she's fine. I've also started giving snoopy raw steak (the cheap cut kind!) for dinner as her kibble was making her poop too much i thought. on that diet, she eats less and goes to the washroom half as much, so it's worth it! and she is ONE HAPPY BEAGLEY PUP!!!
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