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I have been desparate to find a trainer for Winston, when a friend of mine said just take him down to the U-Wash.
Little bit of background here: Ralph's U-wash started off years ago mostly being a place for do-it-yourself grooming, and some pet foods and supplies. I have only been in there a couple of times in the distant past. The building is decrepit, there is no fancy displays, or sale signs, and the shelving is a mix of old store closeouts and whatever Ralph has banged together. There's a fair bit of dust so you wonder if anyone ever goes in there. He doesn't actually sell pets except for some fish and maybe the odd guinea pig or hamster that some poor kids mother said he had to get rid of. He's expanded a bit, now has a groomer there and the front section of the store has real flooring instead of painted cement. Honestly, I didn't know it was still there.
So I go in there today to ask if he knows any trainers. He says Yeah, I do, but I don't teach tricks, just manners and obedience Great! That's all I'm asking for! So we chat for a while and he gives me plenty of advice, that really makes sense. (Will share in other posts later)
How much? I ask.
Get this.
He says what'll you give me?...As he points to the fish bowl with the sign that says training tips
So I go home thinking, if I take Winston in there, is this going to be some kind of shady deal like buying rubbermaid from a Tupperware lady from the back of minivan in a dark alley?
Well I get up the guts to take Winston down this PM and the place is busy. People see Winston and coo and ask questions, then rave about the dog whisperer, and what he's done for thier dog. He spends about 10 minutes with Winston and reduces him to a puddle. He was absolutely amazing!! Then he says you can do it too.
Now, he didn't try to sell me a choke collar or anything, although he did use his own rope and leather one to train Winston. He says you already have this, and better than a choke collar because it's padded and shows me how to use one end of the leash while still attached to his harness and NOT choking him, And how to bite like his mama would if he misbehaved. (sounds cruel, but it's not) So I leave there after throwing a few toonies in the fishbowl. Not because I felt obligated, but because he taught me that

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Sounds like a great place! When I read this post it kinda reminded me of the nice little corner neighborhood hangout bar/place. No one really notices it, but it's the place where you have the most fun

Let us know how Winstone gets along....
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