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How do your beags feel about the rain?
Monty absolutly HATES it. he refuses to go outside. I had to push him out the door this morning, he made the smallest pee ever, right in front of the door, and stared at me, begging to come back in! I felt so bad for him i let him, but now i'm worried he'll be uncomfortable holding it till his papa gets home at 3:30!
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Spock and Bones hate rain to the point they will only use the potty on rainy mornings if we let them out the side door onto a 6'x3' concrete patio. Bones does her business right by the door (and sometimes one of them steps on it on their way inside @[email protected]), though Spock sneaks out under the eaves and goes there. It takes away from valuable don't have to worry about the dogs for a few minutes as we get ready time in the morning, and sometimes Bones refuses to go outside and ends up having an accident. In some ways, I am glad the Dallas area is regularly arid. I think everyone in my house would have been driven crazy if the weather was a repeat of last year's crazy weather - it rained almost every day for 2 months in the late spring/early summer.
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