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How do your beags feel about the rain?
Monty absolutly HATES it. he refuses to go outside. I had to push him out the door this morning, he made the smallest pee ever, right in front of the door, and stared at me, begging to come back in! I felt so bad for him i let him, but now i'm worried he'll be uncomfortable holding it till his papa gets home at 3:30!
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Chloe didn't mind any weather, but lately she doesn't really like the rain. I walk her in the rain and dry her out with a towel when we get home. I'll admit, she tries to pull me towards home in every chance she gets, but I never go back until she goes potty. She learned to do her business quickly in the rain.
Jersey hates the rain. When it's raining she goes out, pees as quick as she can and then runs back inside. She'll poop if she absolutely has to but holds it as long as possible. Luckily, she pretty much refuses to go potty inside. I can't take an umbrella out though. She's terrified of them and won't go anywhere near one when they're open.
Originally Posted By: Letty _&_Monty He's so cute, how could i stay mad at him?
You couldn't -- that beagle cuteness gets them out of so many tight spots! (P.S. A belated happy birthday to you!)

My Maggie absolutely hated the rain when I first brought her home -- even got her a raincoat which helped for a while. Now ... she could care less if we are having hurricane force rains and winds -- she is right out there doing her thing. I, on the other hand, am standing inside the garage, scared witless.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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