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Luckily, mine aren't normally afraid of thunder (though we don't get it often here). Duke actually loves the rain and will wander about in it until we force him in. The girls will only stay in it long enough to do their business and then it's back inside.

Though we did have a thunder storm a few weeks ago that was one of the most wicked I have ever seen. The beagles were on the patio with us as we were watching the lightening show. Cassie, our lab, was just thinking about coming out the door when a huge boon went off. Well, the door was only open a bit, enough for her to cover the opening and after the boom, she was trying to get back in, while the beagles were running to get in, but couldn't because she was in the way. It was the most hilarious thing and Dave and I about died laughing at the 3 of them trying to get inside. They were all fine after that and no other booms scared them like that one. I think it was more shock than anything.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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