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Rain and Thunder

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So it has been raining in our area for quite a number of days/weeks. About a week or so ago it was really coming down hard when the boys (of course) had to go do their business. This was when I first discovered that Gino seems to be afraid of rain (hard downpours anyway). He immediately cowered down low to the ground and would not move, I had to carry him back into the house, and at 40 pounds of solid muscle, with another dog on a leash, this was no easy task.
Anyway, last night we had a HUGE thunderstorm and the thunder was so loud it even startled us a few times! Roscoe and Cole were ok, they just sat on my lap looking at the windows. Gino, however, was sitting in the dining room up against the wall shaking like a leaf. No barking or whimpering just shaking. I held him on the floor for a bout a half an hour trying to sooth him but he continued to shake, pant and drool. He refused a treat and water! I carried him into the t.v. room where he sat on my lap for another half hour trembling until he finally fell asleep (and the thunder subsided).
Now, this morning, yet another thurnderstorm has rolled in and this poor baby is sitting on my lap, as I type, shaking and panting! My whole body is shaking from his trembles!
Since we got him from a rescue in March we haven't seen many thunderstorms and I don't know what his history is. We were wondering if maybe he was left outside a lot? It breaks my heart to see him so scared! All I do know is that I am glad I was home both times!
Anyone else have this experience??
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Emma has the same reaction to thunder. There is really nothing I can do. I have tried Pet-Ease, but it did nothing for her. Some times if I cover her she seems to like that. (Well she doesn't get out from under it like she usually would.) I just leave her alone for the most part. I don't want to reinforce the behavior.
Poor Gino.
Although we don't get much rain and thunder in southern california, I've had an experience with Coco before. It was raining pretty hard one time with lighting &thunder and Coco just panic. He ran under the dining room table eyes wide and shaking. I tried pulling him out but he wasn't having it. All I did was just sat with him until he was ready to come out.
This is a normal DOG reaction. NOT much you can do but what you are doing.
hopefully he is not left alone when these occur.
if you have read Marley and Me you will know why.
Lady doesn't like thunderstorms either. We've recently had a few and she likes to go hide under our bed.
A few years ago I brought up the issue of fireworks and someone said to give little treats everytime a firework went off. We tried it and it worked. Tucker started looking forward to the next boom and the treat. The only problem was in Vancouver, WA people shoot off fireworks for several days and on the 4th it lasts all day into the early hours of the morning.

Now that we are in Utah and the home of Thunderstorms, we have tried the same thing and it seems to be working. Tucker is getting used to the thunder a little and he is not shaking as much. We have found that just using kibble for treats sometimes doesn't work and we have to use high value ones, usually meaty treats. During these times we cut back on his meal kibble so he doesn't get too much food for the day.

Another issue at our new house is we are close to an Army base where they fire off howitzers once in a while. Luckily they let you know via the media when they plan on doing their excercises. Tucker has actually gotten somewhat used to this noise even though it sounds a lot like thunder.

Hopefully over time we won't need treat therapy and he will be ok with loud noises. We have started to see some results.
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Our senior, Misty, is afraid of thunder and hard rain. It's even worse now that she's old. She shakes, pants, paces, etc. Our vet suggested trying melatonin which we did. It helps for a little while, but doesn't last long.
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Miss Shiloh was never afraid of thunder until she and I were caught in cannon fire a few years ago!! Our town's Memorial Day Parade Committee came up with the idea that it would be very patriotic to fire off a very loud cannon (I suppose that's the only kind!) many times during the parade. The first couple of times Shiloh was okay, but became more scared with each BOOM till finally we had to go home.
Now she's scared of loud noises--thunder, fireworks, even a train whistle!! But now that she's become so hard of hearing it's less of a problem for her.
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Charlie hasn't changed much. He is afraid of a lot of things. A fallen leaf, the wind blowing, sudden move of things. Of course the thunder which does not happen very often here in California. It happened couple of months ago, and he hid under my feet trembling. I would say it is in beagles, right? I had Charlie ever since he was 14 weeks, I'm the one and only owner, never ever mistreat him. No, he owes me!
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Jersey is afraid of many things, but thankfully thunder is not one of them. Which is fortunate, because here in Florida, thunderstorms are very common, especially this time of year.

I like Tucker's Dads idea of treats to make the experience a positive one. I just worry that if Gino's anxiety is that high, that you'd be reinforcing a behavior you don't want him to continue. There are a lot of natural anti-anxiety medications you can buy at the pet store. I would also contact your vet and see what he suggests. If Ginos's anxiety is severe, there are anti-anxiety medications the vet can prescribe for him to help him during those times.
Snoopy isn't bothered by either lightning or thunder. She sleeps right through them. BUT she will not go outside in the rain. She does not like the rain hitting her eyes/face. She also cowers if caught in it or just refuses to go out if it is already raining. So when I know a storm is rolling in, we try to beat it with a potty trip. It makes me wonder why some dogs are bothered by storms and others are not??
Luckily, mine aren't normally afraid of thunder (though we don't get it often here). Duke actually loves the rain and will wander about in it until we force him in. The girls will only stay in it long enough to do their business and then it's back inside.

Though we did have a thunder storm a few weeks ago that was one of the most wicked I have ever seen. The beagles were on the patio with us as we were watching the lightening show. Cassie, our lab, was just thinking about coming out the door when a huge boon went off. Well, the door was only open a bit, enough for her to cover the opening and after the boom, she was trying to get back in, while the beagles were running to get in, but couldn't because she was in the way. It was the most hilarious thing and Dave and I about died laughing at the 3 of them trying to get inside. They were all fine after that and no other booms scared them like that one. I think it was more shock than anything.
So far so good with Rocky! We've had a few storms since we got him and they don't seem to phase him at all. He doesn't like to go out in the rain though....wimp!

Or previous dog would tremble and try to hide so we would put him in the bathtub. He felt safer there.
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Our present two are fine with thunder, but our last beagle, Spotty, was scared of bangs and would go mad panting and crying and digging holes in the lounge floor. Be careful on days when fireworks are used, Spotty nearly had heart failure during firework events (new years eve ). Make sure you stay home with the dogs then.
Bazel has been afraid of thunder all his life, where we live now storms are rare so it's not an issue, he hates firecrackers too which are rare also . I think it's quite common really.
Thanks for all of the responses! It makes me feel better that there are so many other dogs who react this way during storms. I even spoke to some of my friends who all shared a scared dog during a thunder storm story and their dogs reacted much worse than Gino did. It is still sad to see him so scared, especially since Roscoe and Cole are perfectly fine with it!
I have just found out that Georgia does not like loud noises either.
the other night I claped my hands & for the next 20 or so minutes she sat with my husband shaking I have asked around about how to deal with this because of tonight for 1 & in the summer we can get some pretty loud storms that are going to drive her & my daughter under the dinning room table.

people say let them go into there crate If they wish to do so to help them clam down DO NOT baby them
If you give them a reason to be scard they will!
just act normal
have yet to try this my self but we will see
teddy gets scared of LOUD thunder, faint stuff no. but fireworks freak him out alittle he looks around for the sound dont think he gets too scared.
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