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This past weekend I had to go with my Mom out of town. So my husband and kids were in charge. I was only gone for 2 nights.

Well every night I'd call for an update on everyone. Of course husband, boys and older dog and cat were all ok. The problem was the girls. My husband told me that Jasmine was nibbling on her food, but Maggie was on a hunger strike. She would get on my side of the bed, sniff all over and he said she finally made a bed on my pillow.
It ended up that Jasmine settled in pretty well, but Maggie didn't eat the whole time I was gone.

I came home Tuesday evening and she would not leave my side. She did eat that night (gobbled it down) and made my lap her "place". Also Wednesday night she again climbed right into the lap and claimed it.

I would hate to see what would happen if we went away for a week?
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