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I had to post b/c when we travel ALOT! I mean we are out of town and have to board/daycare Snoopy every several months. At first, he didnt eat well and they would mix gravy in with his food to help him eat.

Now, it has been a year since we had him, and we have boarded him at least 8 times in one year and he eats just fine now. We do give soft food in packets for them to mix in just in case.

I really believe that they will eat if they are really hungry!! Trust me, I bought soft canned food, packaged food and gravy b/c Snoopy doesnt eat at the day care, but really he was fine, and looked so happy when we picked him up....like I said, we travel every few months and it was a HUGE deal at first, but you have to find a day care/ boarding facility that will really take care of them..

When we first started boarding him, they said he wasnt eathing but they mixed stuff in for him so that he would eat..I was so happy that they actually noticed that he wasnt eating and tried to help! That is the kind of place you need when you look for day care and boarding.

Just wanted to let you know
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