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Question about Vet services

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Our Petsmart is opening their Banfield Vet Clinic the end of this month. Does anyone use this or know about these services?
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I was reading up on this service and it seems reasonable. My only problem is Petsmart is a half hour away. We have a Petco closer that does low cost vacines. But the store is dirty and they have you line up and do them in the cat food isle. (I'm sure the girls would love to wait in the cat food isle) I don't mind the waiting in line, but I've seen two dog fights break out.
I just called to bring the girls in and its going to cost me $490 and thats with no meds. Actually I've been caling around and everyone is within $50 so I might as well bring back to my vet.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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