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Sulli came home to us last Friday evening. In these few days it is so apparent to us that she was not socialized well at all. She is afraid of so many things.

Here is my concern. I do daycare for a living. I only tend children 0-2 years of age. On Monday when the kids (only infants 9 mos and younger) were dropped off and we let the dogs in to greet them, Sulli wouldn't get near them. She is scared to death of them. As the day went on she seemed to be doing a little better and would get a little closer, but today I actually had a child that walks and talks (22 months). It was the same thing all over again. She is so afraid of this child. My question is...can an adult dog be socialized in time (if they missed it in puppyhood) or will she always be afraid of the kids?
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