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Originally Posted By: beagletailsAs the day went on she seemed to be doing a little better and would get a little closer, but today I actually had a child that walks and talks (22 months). It was the same thing all over again.
I also think Sulli will be okay, and that it will just take time and patience in introducing her to new things and getting her used to them. The reason I think she will be okay is that you say she got a little closer as the day went on... that to me is an excellent sign. For Popcorn, even after three years of dealing with new things, she would still be cowering in the corner even today - forget starting to get closer over the course of one day of a new experience!

Sulli sounds much more like our Buzz, who is also shy and timid but not completely paralyzed by fear, and has therefore made great strides in his three months with us to the point where he is even now bordering on normal in a lot of situations. Buzz is about two years old, so definitely not a puppy, and he is progressing really well with his socialization - so it definitely can be done.

Good luck.
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