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Quote:personally I don't think the sex has anything to do with how affectionate a dog is. It's how you interact with the dog at an early age that makes them a playful, affectionate dog who gets along well with humans. From the first day we brought Bodie home we would spend everyday playing with him and showering him with affection. Bodie is very affectionate and loves people.
I've always believed that every animal Karen and I have raised from a puppy, kitten, or whatever, was as affectionate as they all seem to have been, because we are very touchy-feely with them from the beginning.
I just wish we had been more persistent with Sadie about nail trims and teeth brushing. Now it's nearly imposable.

I used to think there was a general difference in personality between male and female dogs, but after living with a few of each, I think it was just a preconceived idea.
Females are easier to give belly rubs to... Nothing in the way.
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