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Quad safety

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Hello, we have a 4 year old beagle and a 2 year beagle mix that we adopted 2 months ago their previous owner was a man that had them for hunting but doesn't seem that he had them on quad, so we are looking to train them to be on the quad, because we like to go for quad rides and go camping during the summer and would like to include the dogs in this.

My main question is what can I do to assure they don't jump off the bike, is there a certain leash harness or attachments I can use? They would be on a quad that has a seat on it. We also have a fish tub they would both fit in that had handles that could be used. We have two quads but my daughter is usually on with me so no room for the two of them.

Not looking for any hate just some helpful advice on how we can do this safely so they aren't jumping off the quad while we are driving.
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I just searched this and there some You Tube video's on training your dog how to ride a quad (one is beagles). Appears you have to start slowly with the engine off, no movement and then have them get used to the noise prior to any movement. Then start them on it very slow speeds and level ground. There are also harnesses depending on the type of seating you have. In the end it's going to depend on how skittish your beagles are and how much time you are willing to invest in training them. My beagle would have been way to frightened of this - we had a long introduction to everything, she started out being afraid of grocery bags and anything delivered in a box! She also tried to dig her way through the floor of the car; she was much better crated than on a seat.
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