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Luckily, that has not been a problem with Duke and Violet, they play fight constantly, but I can put my hand down in the mix of it and not even come away with a scratch and they never hurt each other, either. I think Eve's chainsaw description is perfect!

Cassie does have issues with Vi on occasion because Cassie is old, grumpy and the dominant female, by far. We do let her have top pecking order, but if she is mean to Violet intentionally, we scold her and make her apologize. It's easier for us, we've had Cassie 12 years, so she knows what we want and expect from her.

Puppy school and obedience training can work wonders. It will teach your dogs to obey you (well, really it will teach you how to train them to obey you) and until you can make them listen to you, there's no way you can make them be nice to each other. A trainer can help you deal with the jealousy, as well. Good luck!
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