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We are getting our 5th beagle (only one is still with us) and this is our first puppy. I’m not a 100% sticker for meeting all breed standards, but I am more discerning since we are not adopting an adult.

I fell in love with this puppy. My questions are- are his ears too low set /too long? Are his paws too wide? Is his snout not square enough? The parents look a little long - dad is AKC and has white stripe. His tail is a little long. The puppies don’t look disproportionately long bodied but maybe they are, or are guaranteed to be since both parents are long in the torso?

I sound like a stickler after all but I guess if there are shortcomings in all of these areas it may be a dealbreaker. He’s so darn cute though!

Many thanks for your input I am meeting him tomorrow
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