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I dont think it will make a huge difference starting at 4 months Stan started at about 3months and he is very obedient. i would start the training at home work on getting Glover to come when called. To teach him to sit hold a treat to his nose as he smells it lift it up and he should sit so he can reach the treat. To get him to lie down do the same get him to follow the treat from the sit position to the floor and he should lie down maybe not first time but he will. The important thing is not to say the command until he is in the right position then say it so he associates the position with the command then after a while use the command first /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
hope that all helps
PS my pup trainer says you have to do something at least 7 times before the pup will completely get it so have lots of patients
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