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It has come to my attention that there are a lot of people out there that have not been training their pups properly, and then wonder why they still have problems. Here is my training methods to puppy potty training. I have been training dogs for over 4 years now, so hope that this will help. Let me know if you have any questions.

Does the dog free feed? Feed the dog 2 times a day, and only leave it out for 20 minutes. If he has not eaten, then that's his problem. Usually a dog will have to poo 10-20 minutes after eating (and playing and napping). This will help with irregular bathroom breaks, and will get him more on a routine. Routine is KEY!There should always be water available for the dog to drink, but since it's a puppy, there needs to be constant attention...it's harder to break a dog unless you catch him in the habit. For example, when he walks out of your site, follow him. You should be watching your puppy anyways until he is fully potty trained in the first place. If he goes to squat and pee, PICK HIM UP and tell him no! (HE WILL STOP PEEING), then emediatly take him outside and tell him your word for bathroom go potty, and praise him when he is done. There is no point in disciplining a dog when the potty accident has already happened. You never want to punish a natural function.
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