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puppy pads or frequent walking

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howdy everyone..first time posting on here me and my wife will be picking up our new additions on the 7th of next month im not sure if i want to use the puppy pads or just go with taking them out every hour...will using both methods confuse them??
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Hi, and welcome! In answer to your question, it is my opinion that yes, using both methods is confusing for a puppy. I know many people use the potty pads, but I personally don't advocate them, as you're basically telling your puppy it's OK to go potty in the house.

Be patient with your new pup, especially in the beginning when the bladder is still small and under developed. Taking he/she out every hour will be necessary in the beginning, but the time between going out will gradually increase as he/she gets older.

BTW...is your new puppy a male or a female? Any name picked out yet? Would love to see pictures if you have any!
I agree with Gale. We never used puppy pads with Jersey. We just took her out a LOT! In my opinion, it is more confusing to use the pads. You teach them it's OK to go inside and then have to break them of that to teach them to go outside. It's a lot of work at first, but in the long run it's worth it. Can't wait to hear all about your new puppy! We love pictures around here!
thank you for the insight i was on the border with both options but i think i am going to go with taking them out every hour..we are getting two male puppies..named charlie and lucky...charlie is on the right and lucky is on the left

here is a direct link to view photos of them




They are so adorable! Make sure to introduce them and yourself in the Introduce Yourself forum. Two puppies...you're going to have your hands full! Remember patience, patience and more patience (times two!)!
thank you im eager to get them to the vet so i can then introduce them to our other members of the family..our four rats im hoping they get along well...as soon as we actually have them i am going to to a full intro with pictures and a first day update..how are beagles with getting along with other housepets??
Ohhhhhh....they are both so adorable! I envy you for getting two!!
Welcome! I just took Shiloh out. Many, many times!! I think the puppy pads is an unnecessary middle step, and may be confusing. But if you're gonna crate train, they are helpful to line the crate in case of accidents.
i think i made a good choice the breeder really didnt want to sell just one due to the packdog nature of the beagle so she gave us a great deal on both and plus those brown eyes somehow controled me into pulling out my checkbook :)
Yep, those beagle eyes will do that to ya every time! LOL
i bought one crate in hopes of letting them sleep together to make them feel more secure until then get to big for the one crate then i was going to buy another one or should i wait till they are to big and buy a bigger crate the both of them can fit into??
Try finding a large crate that will fit both of them when they're full grown, but make sure it comes with a divider so you can section off part of it while they are still small.
will do i have a 30' crate now and im thinking that will do me good for a few months then i will upgrade them..
I use both methods. He gets taken out alot during the day, but sleeps at night (or whenever we're gone for long periods) in the bathroom with 2 or 3 pads down...But that's now, and 5 1/2 months...earlier...lotsa walking...
I take Banjo out about every hour and a half. At night he gets walked at midnight and at 3am since he can't hold it through the night. So far he's been amazing with potty training. I've had him for about a week only 4 accidents so far.
I think beagles are a lot more secure in multiples or being with their pack, and I think it's a fabulous idea to crate them together. Our girl Bones slept alone while boy dog Spock slept in bed with my boyfriend and me at night. She was anxious and poorly socialized after living in a pet store display case from 10 weeks until she was 5 months old (never buying from a pet store again); every night, she howled and barked and had to be placated with calming treats... until we started putting Spock in with her. She rarely barks at night anymore (though in the morning, she barks to let us know it's time for breakfast... about 20 minutes before my alarm goes off). Your puppies are adorable, and I can't wait to see pictures of them on the boards here as they grow up!
i cant wait to actually get them and start training and learning as much as i can about them..i am going to go with the one crate idea what would be the best size for two full grown dogs i know the 30 inch will only last so long
A belated
to BW to you, Charlie & Lucky! They are just precious - I can absolutely see how you couldn't walk away without both of them. I will have to leave puppy/crate advice to others (I have an almost 13 year old rescue who came to me after the puppy stage) but looking forward to hearing all about your pups homecoming and adventures.
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Welcome to BW!!

It took my a while to completely housebreak my Chloe. I didn't crate train her, problem with the horrible Beagle cry and the building management!!!! I now have her completely housebroken for a few good months. I used the puppy pads, as I live on the 6th floor. Chloe will not pee/poop inside or on the pads, unles I'm gone for more than she can hold it and only then goes on it. I also don't lay them out but when I'm out for work. I think I wouldn't have still use them unless I would be out for so long during the day. But it's a good alternative if you don't have any other, and I didn't have anyone to come in mid-day to take her out.
we took our economy pack of 100 pads and a pad holder back..we are going to use the money to get food and flea and tick medecine but we did buy a new pump for our goldfish..last pump killed three of our fish sucked them up..enough of that thank you all for the welcome i will definately keep everyone updated with pictures of growth and im sure ill get lucky and catch some great pics of them being hams
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