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Puppy Fix

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I think I've managed to formulate the perfect strategy to get my puppy fix. Henry is so freaking sweet and adorable that my next door neighbors just adopted a beagle mix puppy from the shelter! Now I've got a puppy to play with and Henry has a baby to mother. I have never seen anything cuter in my entire life than watching Henry and 'his baby'. They play together and she follows him everywhere. If Bella gets sleepy, Henry curls up around her and washes her like he's her mom. He lays down and lets her bite him and paw at him, but if she gets too rough he politely knocks her down and wraps his paw around her. Cute! And I get to see it all without pee or poop on my carpet. Eureka!
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That sounds like so much fun. I would love it if Maggie had a beagle puppy to play with. Unfortunately, all of my neighbors already have dogs.
That's too cool. I have a coworker that just adopted a beagle puppy, but she lives nowhere near me. He's adorable, though.

She keeps coming in telling about Buster's misadventures and I laugh and say, Well, I warned you! Like all beagles, Buster is sufficiently cute to worm his way out of any trouble.
A neighbour of mine sadly just lost their German Shepherd dog.

They approached me about info on getting a Beagle as they so love my dogs that they decided they would prefer a Beagle to another German Shepherd.

I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new Beagle on the block so I can get my puppy fix
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