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Puppy Day!

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Today is the big day... I will be getting my little beagle pup late this afternoon. I will get pictures up as I said in another post, that is if I don't spend all of my time with my pup.

I actually had a few questions for those of you who got their beagles at about 8 weeks. The first is should I wait a few days before I give her a bath. The breeder has her outside in a kennel so, I imagine she wont come home that clean. I worry that if I give her a bath right away, she will hold it against me and associate me with the terrible, terrible bath.

Another quick question is how much did you feed your beagles at 8 weeks. I've read that you should feed young puppies up to 4 times a day, but I'm not sure how much to feed her. The breeder already has them eating solid, hard food.

Those are the only two questions I can think of right now, but if anyone else has any tips, pointers, or advice I could use anything right now. I'm nervous but, really excited too...
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Happy for you and the pup. I concur with the earlier advicements on the bath. I have always fed my Beagles 2 times a day even when they were pups. Follow directions on the bag of food the breeder sends home with you.

Please check in the Health and Welfare section here to find out how your food rates in quality. Some foods are just garbage. Start your pup out with the best food you can get. However if you do switch food, do it slowly so as not to upset the pups stomach.
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