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Puppy Day!

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Today is the big day... I will be getting my little beagle pup late this afternoon. I will get pictures up as I said in another post, that is if I don't spend all of my time with my pup.

I actually had a few questions for those of you who got their beagles at about 8 weeks. The first is should I wait a few days before I give her a bath. The breeder has her outside in a kennel so, I imagine she wont come home that clean. I worry that if I give her a bath right away, she will hold it against me and associate me with the terrible, terrible bath.

Another quick question is how much did you feed your beagles at 8 weeks. I've read that you should feed young puppies up to 4 times a day, but I'm not sure how much to feed her. The breeder already has them eating solid, hard food.

Those are the only two questions I can think of right now, but if anyone else has any tips, pointers, or advice I could use anything right now. I'm nervous but, really excited too...
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Congratulations!!! I am really excited for you

About the bath, I wouldn't do that the first day I get the puppy, just because it another trauma on top of the one being separated from her mom and littermates. You can use a little baby powder (talc) on her, and comb her gently, let her shake it off. She will smell better and it actually cleans them, as the talc absorbs any fatty dirts that are on the puppy. It's also recommended if she gets dirty not long after a bath when she's older, and you don't want her to have another bath so soon.
You would want to give her the first bath 3-4 days after getting her. Also, to make it a pleasant experience, I sang to Chloe and said a lot of good girl when she was calm, petted her a lot. Try not to get water near her ears, and you can also use cotton balls to stuff her ears with not to get them wet. The face you can do with a wet cloth, not direct water stream.

About feeding, follow what the food bag says, divide it to 3-4. It is usually based on the puppy's age and weight.
If you are going to feed her something different than what the breeder fed her, do the transfer gradually, that way her stomach won't be traumatised.

We're here if you need more help.
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Wipes are a good idea, but I would recommend getting the baby wipes, as they do an equally good job as the pet wipes, and cost much much less!
I use regular baby wipes on Jersey as well. I bought some made by Huggies that are all natural with aloe. The smell great.
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