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They are soooooo cute! I agree, it would be so hard to choose just one! The last time I bought a puppy from a breeder (Romeo), HE chose me! The breeder had the pups segregated by "gender" - and the little males were in one "pen" - the others were sleeping and Roms came over and kissed me. Love at first kiss! Actually almost every puppy I've EVER bought in my life "chose me" - which is good, so I don't have to make that difficult decision! The breeder of a sheltie I got about 40 years ago told me that MOST of the time the pups choose the owners! I can't wait for puppies this time. JoJo is rapidly expanding and is due about mid-April. I'm NOT planning to keep any of these pups, but then I didn't PLAN to keep any of the last two litters either! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/winkingsmiley.gif - no, no I really CAN'T keep any puppies! I'll enjoy them while they're here and find them ALL wonderful homes and miss them when they leave /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/gaah.gif Yes, I always cry when they leave me!
Thank you for sharing those pictures. They're all adorable!!!!
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