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Puppies and sleeping

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I know that puppies sleep ALOT and Glover has about 4 naps a day! this is normal right?

he is very active inbetween though and loves his walks!! especially if we go to our next door neighbours... they always have doggie treats! (this I think is a ploy lol)

but is it ok to let him sleep all evening, will he sleep at night?

Im afraid to try it... what do you guys think?
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I currently have 3 puppies in the house. 2 at 7 weeks and 1 at 9 weeks. All three go to sleep at about 630 or 7 pm. and sleep until about 3 a.m. They want food and a little play time and then they go right back to sleep until morning. I'm up about 15-20 mins and then it's back to bed. Of course all puppies are different, but thought I would let you know about these 3 little guys.
Yep, sleeping lots is totally normal - even in adult dogs, mine are SO lazy!

Remember he is like a new born baby, and energy will come in short bursts.

Is he sleeping through the night at the moment?

When Daisy was a baby, she would go to sleep later at night and then wake up early to go to the toilet. She would want us to play with her etc - now she is older she gets up, goes outside to pee and comes back to bed LOL!!
The pups we have bred (all 24 of them) slept on and off all day, being particularly active in between. Perfectly normal.This was up to 10 weeks. Then we found them homes. Our own beagles slept on and off until about 12 months old. It was almost as if someone had hit them on the head. They would suddenly lie down and sleep.Just as suddenly they would be awake and racing round the house.
Puppies sleep a lot...& thank goodness they do! Goober & Homer were puppies when I adopted them! They were relatively easy to train...but Goober had the hardest time with "seperation anxiety" as he was "truely alone" when I was gone! But Homer had Goober for company when I was at work & the "sa" problem never happened! But if you try to train a solo pup...then try leaving some of your clothing with your scent on it as part of their bedding & a few dog biscuits next to the pup's waterbowl! (This worked very well with Goober)...But he would not always eat the biscuits next to his waterbowl...as Duke quickly learned when he came to visit!(Pop's past beag & Goobers mentor)! :evilgrin: :thumbup: (A testament to a beagles memory)...It might be several months between a visit from Duke...but Duke NEVER forgot to check young Goobers water bowl for uneaten cookies!!! :thumbup: :hapfac01:
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Yes, it's normal. Chase sleeps all day if I let him. He sleeps after his morning breakfast and outting (mind you he's just waking up lol) He sleeps after his lunch and playdates and he sleeps after we play or anything. Growing pups need their rest and he sleeps fine at night and the whole night through at that. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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They sleep a lot when they grow up too.... which is just fine in my book... :thumbup:
Your dog sounds normal, puupies like babies sleep a lot. They grow when they sleep, they need their sleep, also an overtired beagle can be naughty and wilful like a stroppy toddler.
I think Scout sleeps when we are gone during the day, I hope so at least. She will sleep after day care for hours. She is sleeping through the night now and in the morning she hates being woke up before she wants. Its the only time I can open her crate door and she won't come running out.
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