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I was the one who gave in with Scout and let her out whenever she cried. Now she is a year old and we are trying to break that behavior. I am not sure of the right answer. My solution is putting her crate across the house or apartment so you can't hear the crying and she can cry herself out. Some people would say that she needs to be in your bedroom. Right now, its giving me mixed results. We had company and had to move her crate back in our bedroom for the weekend. The first night she woke up at 3:30am. But the last 2 nights she slept straight through. But she played with some friends so she could have just been too tired to cry. Actually last night we wondered since she slept all day ( like 12 hours, it was great, she was so lazy) but around 7:30pm she got her energy back. I thought she would be crying as soon as she went in the crate, but she stayed outside till about midnight and then slept all night and didn't even cry this morning. We will see what happens tonight.

As far as energy at night I would do what everyone else says. Just play with her a lot. Throw balls and toys (Scout loves fetch). If you have a fenced yard, running around chasing or throwing stuff is a good energy zapper. Scout had tons and tons or energy when she was a little pup, and she still has a good amount now. Looking back it was a fun time, put during that time, I want too pull my hair out.
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