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We used to call it the 8 o'clock zoomies with Duke because every night around that time, he turned into the Tasmanian devil for about 15 minutes.

I have no crate advice since we have never crated, but I can tell you that Cambria (love that name, btw, my favorite California coastal town) will outgrow it and turn into a wonderful dog in time. There will be moments you think there is no hope, but I promise you we went to he!! and back at times, and Duke has come out the other side a fun and wonderful boy. Oh, he still has his beagly behavior and will still steal bras and food, but what a difference in just the past 4 months! Cambria will get there, too.

Like Jen said, a tired beagle really is a good beagle and plenty of exercise does make a huge difference. Good luck!
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